Keeper of Hearts

One year ago life was different. I was in a dark place, caught in my sorrow.  At times it had felt as if the whole world stopped, my soul had grown weary. Moments & memories of re-collected pain had me anchored to the floor of my bedroom and nothing but the anger and torment inside of me could be heard.

I was b r o k e n. 

No matter how much I would cry no one would hear me or know the reality of this state. Each morning was the beginning of a new battle just to survive the day. Each night I was hopeless and the wound in my heart was deep. Eventually, my wounded heart pushed itself out of my chest and I wore it like a chain around my neck.
This, happened a year ago. Since then I have found life :) I have found freedom. Since then, I had been given a new heart and have been completely restored. I have felt beauty in it's truest form, love in it's purest form. I have found Him after a life time of searching, a life time of fighting. And now, life is beautiful. Now, I wear a new chain around my neck. I wear a key.

This is the story of the Keeper of Hearts © His name is Jesus.

This is me.

The Key