The Key

" 10 My beloved, you are my witness and my chosen servant.
I want you to know me, to trust me, and understand that 
I alone am God
I have always been God;
there can be no others.

11 I alone am the Lord, only I can rescue you.

12 I promised to save you, and I kept my promise.
You are my witnesses that no other god did this.
I, the Lord have spoken.

13 I am God now and forever.
no one can snatch you from me or stand in my way."

                                                                                                        - Isaiah 43:10-13 (CEV, emphasis added)

I came across this verse a few years ago in my quiet time. It was the first time I had captured a true & real sense of God's heart for me The very first time I read these words they leapt out from the page and etched themselves straight onto my heart. I had heard His voice for the very first time. I heard Him speak to me personally and lovingly for the very first time. His love for me was and still remans fierce.

Reading this verse again has helped me to realize that He has kept His promise. He has saved me from my sorrow, He has saved me from the darkness that had me gripped. I know Him, I trust Him and I understand that He alone is God and there is no one else. He has rescued me and I am eternally indebted to Him. 

The Key I wear around my neck is symbolic to verse 11. Only He could rescue me and only He will hold the key to the depths of my heart and depths of my soul.

He is the keeper of my heart.