Love. Our design.

Why is it that from a young age a girl begins to dream and wonder about love? She day dreams about being romanced and finding the one who can love her in an endless and heart fulfilling way. There is a deep sense and need for belonging and the need to be loved and to feel so loved. This need for love is shared by so many.

Love is found and felt in many different ways. We receive love and give love in many different ways.

There are countless stories that have been shared and heard time and time again. Stories of the search for love and the discoveries of great love like Romeo and Juliet, Allie and whats his name, Noah from the notebook, Cinderella and her prince, Bella & Edward from Twilight, Carrie and Big, just to name a few. But the bottom line is, the search and need for love is in everyone. Love, is our design and it has been since the very beginning.

What we in this world know and understand to be love is not what was intended for us from the very beginning. It is not the only form of love that we were meant to know and meant to discover. Love by definition has so many meanings to us today, but the one true definition of love that we were meant to know exists by knowing Jesus Christ.

This love that I speak of is not passive or dormant. It is not a love that changes or that can leave us. It is a love that is all consuming, never ending and never failing and there is nothing else like it.
Nothing else compares or can even come close to the fulfillment I and so many others have found in Him. No man, no love of any innocent pleasure in life could compare to the rawness, depth and pure joy of the love from Him. It is powerful. Powerful enough to heal the deepest scar, give rest to a tired, heavy heart and bring peace to the tormented mind.

When we know His love and experience the transformation that it brings, it is then that we have truly become all that we were born and were created to be.