Nothing else comes close

In my years as a teenager, my heart was open to every possible good feeling and fuelling to feel love. Being so young, I was confusing what I thought was trustworthy to my heart with being naive. I learnt the hard way that things aren’t always rosy. Putting your heart in the wrong thing comes at a cost. Love is not like how it is in movies.

Growing up I never believed with my heart that my parents loved me. Of course I knew that in my head, but the conviction and revelation of knowing it truly in my heart would have helped me so much with struggles along the way. I craved for love and acceptance of who I was, even though I didn't understand myself at the time. Thanks be to God, that is slowly becoming a distant memory. As each day comes, I release to God the bitterness and hurt that I have treasured and kept buried in my heart for so long. And each time I let go, I feel a little more peace, love, light and freedom. He has filled a part of me that no one else can or will. 

" The Lord is close to the broken hearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed."
Psalm 34:18
I have come across this verse a few times. In desperate times. My heart sinks when I think about how much joy and heart has been restored to me. It brings me to my knees and I am truly humbled to know that a God so big reached out from the heavens and held me.

If by reading my journey from the beginning you do not understand what I mean when I speak of love, then I hope to invite you into this new discovery and for you to open your heart and mind to the possibility of feeling and of knowing something so profound. It can only be discovered if we truly desire to know Him. Nothing else comes close.