May I have this dance?

Dancing is something that I've enjoyed for the most part of my life. We are taught how to dance, we learn how to dance and for the lucky, knowing how to dance (and dance good) comes naturally. I've danced many dances in my life to countless songs. I have rehearsed routines and choreography to perfect every step, every body movement to the beat and accents within the music. Knowing the choreography prepares you for the next step, you know what comes next with each part of the song. 

Throughout the seasons of life, it's the stormy ones that make your life goals become a blur. What you thought you were heading into changes, and the future becomes uncertain. The steps of the dance you went over in your head are no longer fitted for the song and you're unsure of what step to take next.

When I have found myself lost in these moments, my only hope is to cling on to Jesus. When my heart is burdened and overwhelmed with much, I go to Him. Not just for comfort, strength or healing but just to be with Him, for His presence is overwhelmingly good to my soul. The beauty in His presence is indescribable, my circumstances are washed away in His presence and He carries me.
When I close my eyes in His presence, I see visions of us dancing where He holds me and carries me.
This is a dance that I have never done before to a song that I haven't heard before and one where I do not know the next steps to follow.
My eyes are closed as I lean upon Him and I feel as if I float. The steps don't matter anymore because my feet are no longer touching the floor.
He carries me.
And as we dance my heart begins to beat harder and at the same time, I feel the weight from the storm being lifted and taken from me - I feel a tingling sensation in my chest.

" Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never let the righteous be shaken."
- Psalm 55:22

In the midst of tragedy, pain and the stormy seasons of your life, when you feel that you are so overwhelmed  with everything, come to Jesus and "..He will sustain you." It is a promise. He sees you and knows what you are facing and He whispers gently and tenderly, "May I have this dance?" He will hold you close and if you let Him, He will keep your heart and keep it safe. For He is the Keeper of Hearts.