Growing up in your faith is so easy to do with the amount of resources, books, studies available. It also requires a good amount of Godly discipline. If you're having trouble or feel like you're not as motivated with your daily devotions (which I also do at times) then you should definitely consider branching out and taking hold of some really fab resources. As christians with the Holy spirit dwelling within us, we must be cleansed and have our hearts renewed daily so that we can continue to grow in faith and become more and more like Jesus. More of Him and less of us.

With making sure your bible is key to your personal growth, why not also pick up something from your local christian bookstore. If you're in Sydney head on down to your nearest Koorong store or check out some books online. 

The best and most effective way that I develop and grow my spiritual life is through my quiet time (I hope you're having those too). Having dedicated time to God, I spend time reading my TNIV Study bible and journalling. If ever you're struggling with any moral issue then be honest and open about it to God and get his word inside of you. 
Matthew 4:4 reads.. " Jesus answered, 'It is written;'Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God." Now although the bible wasn't literally written by God himself, it is written by those who were inspired by God and the words written in the bible are without doubt God-breathed. Many a time in which I have read my bible, I have felt life and the holy spirit guiding me and comforting me at different seasons of my spiritual journey. Apart from my quiet times I have picked up some books and resources along the way.

Dedicating quiet times with God doesn't always go to plan with me (I must admit). So to help with my devotions, earlier this year I had picked up a daily devotion. When I am able to get my quiet times, I read through my bible.
This is my daily devotions book and I read it every morning in my car as I'm about to leave for work. It's great for hearing God's word and allowing myself sometime (even if it is just for a few minutes) to set the course of my day according to his word. 

A few other books that I have read that have had such impact on my life are these: 

I recommend them all as they have had such impact on my life. These are only a few of the many books in my collection. I pray that you are able to get going on yours too and that they would increase your knowledge and understanding of God in your life. And also, fill your heart with God's wonder.

Next on my list of books to read will be Christine Caine's 'Undaunted.' I'm very excited to read it! i'll let you know how it goes.. 

Keep a look out for my book review. Can't wait =)

Happy reading friends !!   xoxo