Finding courage

So, tonight I thought I would continue to work on the vision/project for this blog. 

Earlier today, my mind began rolling and the ideas for this Keeper of Hearts project kept playing out in my mind like a movie with it's plot unfolding. I had so much motivation  until a personal situation disturbed me and took away part of my peace. I felt robbed and on such a low, where I found myself feeling quite discouraged and questioning my purpose and vision in my heart. Will this work? Does anybody even need this project/blog? Will anyone even read it? on and on these questions dumbfounded me to the point where I had enough. 

I remembered this video that I posted onto the Keeper of Hearts facebook page earlier this week but I hadn't had time to watch it. So I finally watched it and I thank God that He is a sovereign God. I so needed and desired this word from Lisa Bevere and I wanted to share it with you if you are feeling discouraged. I pray that we would again find our courage from God and that this will remind you of who you are as a son/daughter in Christ. Know that people do need us. And I pray that Keeper of Hearts will be a blessing to people who come across this page, even if it is just to one person :)  I guess I will find out as I continue on this path of God's leading.

Be blessed. Be STRONG in THE LORD and in the POWER of HIS MIGHT.