hello monday

So it's the start of the working week and I haven't quite reached my work routine mode, or perhaps I should say mood, just yet.

The beginning of the week always takes double the amount of effort than it would towards the end of the week. hmmm... time to start searching for motivation again.

As the week opens, a new song that was learnt at our regular Sunday church service resonates on my mind. The lyrics to the chorus say this:

Only you can save us, Jesus
Only you can  heal us, Jesus
Only you can fix this, Jesus
Only you, Jesus
Singing these lyrics remind me of how deeply and how true the revelation of knowing that statement "Only Jesus," can change a heart's perspective. Knowing,understanding and approaching circumstances with this revelation gives ourselves the permission to heal and more importantly the permission to let Jesus heal us.
Only Jesus can heal and restore to us what was lost. The realisation and acknowledgment of Jesus and that only he can save us, also gives us permission to heal and allows Jesus to 'fix' whatever needs fixing and for me, that was my heart and deep cry for love. So with this song, my heart can give testament that Only Jesus can
If I haven't mentioned it before I attend Hillsong church in Sydney and the song originated from the New York City campus, where the lyrics are heavily focused and written from the perspective of the brokeness found in that city. I'm not sure who wrote the song exactly, but I cannot wait to start singing it again on Sunday morning, thinking of Jesus and how much he has saved me. I am in a state of awe with incredible peace in my heart.
Hoping you have a blessed week. x