In balance

A new month brings us closer to a new year. So far, the year has flown so quickly I can barely keep up with the days. Working full-time as well as juggling other activities can really suck out a lot of energy. A few things will keep you in balance and in control.

1. Regular exercise
Okay, I know what you're thinking.. bla bla bla you've heard this before. Ok then, GREAT! I don't really need to explain why. I always find that whenever I'm feeling an overwhelming sense come over me with the stresses of full time work, studying part time & juggling social life as well as, "me" life & my quiet times... can really pull the life out of me. My way of de-stressing and de-toxifying my brain is by exercising. I love to run and regular exercise can help to release those good chemicals in our brain to help us not only look good but FEEL good as well. So I encourage you,!! wooo! 

2. Balance diet
It say's it all doesn't it? Okay, so we've heard all the hoo ha with maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. For me though, if my vitamin b levels are down... then my hormone levels are out of this world. My fiance will not want to be in the same room as me so I have to ensure that my vitamin b group is being addressed in my diet. There's endless benefits to keeping a diet in balance.. search google to find out the exact benefits.

3. "Me" time
Take a break my friend. Now, dedicating some 'me' time is not selfishness. You're actually taking responsibility of your body and knowing your limits. you are NOT superwoman, we weren't created that way. 
I like to take a nice hot bath at the end of the working day, right after a good run. I also love watching classic/vintage dvd's which help to relax me :)
I know I TRY to do everything for everyone at times and in the end, I'm the one burnt out and wanting to hide myself from the world. I know it can be hard, depending on your circumstances to dedicate your 'me' time, but i challenge you to do what you can and pray and ask God to help make a way for you. He knows what you need before you even ask of it.
Matthew 7:7 reads "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.
Don't be afraid to ask Him of what he already knows you need :)

4. Rest in Jesus
Lastly and most importantly, rest in Jesus. Apart from being run down physically and mentally, life sure does take it's toll out on your soul and spirit. Jesus is the lover of our soul and He will give us renewed strength when we lean on him. He invites us too! Each and everyday when the day is done and dusted and your alone in your room, about to go to bed, take the last few moments of the day to rest in Him. When you wake up the next morning, start your day off with resting in Jesus, and you will find even more strength to face whatever the day holds for you.

Well, that's all I've got for today. it's bed time now in Sydney. Time to rest in Jesus.
Good night world.