oh my, is that the time?

Well, it's found me again. Life has caught up with me and the days and the weeks have past. As I sit here, I hear the wind gushing ever so strong and blowing leaves against my window. As I look out the sun is ever so bright welcoming in a new day filled with purpose and fulfillment. It is then that I realise I have hit such a busy period where my blog is being neglected =( boohooo....
Not to worry, things are soon to settle and I can see it coming just over the horizon.

On a different note let me express how happy I am to have recently met people through this blogging world and blogger communities! I have met some good friends who are like minded and share the same heart as I do towards reaching people. God is amazing, He truly is the one to orchestrate certain people to come into our lives at divine and defining moments of our christian faith. Thank you for the encouragement friends, you are another reasons to keep me blogging!

So to all my new friends, thank you! It means the world to me to have met you. Keep in touch!

And soon, I shall be continuing off where I had left you.... til then!

Au revoir x