Eyes on heaven

It's a beautiful sunny and warm spring day this Saturday morning as I write. The weather has set the tone and perfect mood for blogging this morning.

Yesterday after work upon driving home, I was flicking through my iPod. Shuffling and skipping songs, I skipped to this next song "I see heaven"-Bryan & Katie Torwalt and was drawn to it heavily. I could not flick pass it and I had to listen to it.

As the song begun, instantly my spirit became attuned. I had heard this song many a time before but this time, it was as if my spirit, mind & soul were fully awake to fully receive what the song was singing about. I would encourage you to listen to the lyrics and hear, with your spirit, what is being said.

The song served as a revelation to my heart and linked to the vision I had for women every where. As the lyrics read:
"I see heaven, invading this place
I see hope restored, the healing of all disease and I sing praises I sing praises, I give you honour, worthy Jesus"

When I see heaven, this is what I see. Women of all ages and races, from many places, with a heart that is fully awake to Jesus. With a heart that has been guarded by Jesus in which their strength is from Jesus alone. Their hearts are protected. Protected from the evil in this world.  They have a promise for hope, for destiny and they will stretch out to make a difference with a heart that will out pour Jesus and his love to many others with a domino effect. This is heaven on earth! One part that will serve to help and outplay many others parts of the christian and church body.

Can you imagine, not just a generation, BUT generations of women standing firm for God, with hearts on fire for Jesus fighting for their sisters and complete in their identities of who they belong to, who loves them the most and who CAN protect them? I cannot help but share, it lays too strong and heavy on my heart.

I could not imagine not being who I have become if it weren't for my encounters with Jesus. Knowing him and experiencing him replacing a black, torn, scarred & battered heart, with a new heart of flesh, purity and strength which he now protects and guards.
"I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh."
Ezekiel 36:26 (NIV)
I have strength for the days and years to come knowing full well that no matter what happens, all I need to know, see or feel, is Jesus.

The chorus of the song is the heart of it all:

"We give you praise and all of the honour, you are our God the one we live for
We give you praise, all of the glory God.."

These lyrics serves to remind us that God is the focus and center of any of our good works and the center of our existence to those who know him and know him well. These lyrics and words are what I will carry, reminding myself that it is him who we live for.

I hope you will be blessed by this song and the inspiration for my blog today. I pray that you will be touched and visions of heaven would increase and overflow in your heart, mind and spirit.

Bless xoxox