November Rain

Hello november rain.

The stormy season has made friend with Sydney these last few days and it has been successful at keeping me indoors. There is always something to do or some place to be with friends, family and my fiance but the wet weather gives me second thought as to stepping outside the house! Although I do love waking up to the sweet calming sounds of pitter pattering on my bedroom window. Knowing I'm all cosy and relaxed in bed while the world gets watered always brings comfort for some reason. It definitely shouts out movie, ice cream and blanket time !

As a new month is now well in force, we are soon coming to a close of a memory filled year. Some good memories, some bad memories and others... that make you just want to put on someone else's shoes and pretend you were never there memories. Nevertheless, I can confidently say that we have come out of this soon to pass season, strong.

On a different note. I have been planning and hoping and wishing for an SLR Camera. I had managed to borrow one for a trip to Luna Park to work on my potential of becoming the world's greatest photographer muahahaha.. just kidding. But I really do enjoy and appreciate the art of photography and cannot wait to start shooting and practicing my skill behind the lens. Here's a few shots that were the only ones good enough to post. Hah! sigh. Oh well, things can only get better! Watch this space!