The season of giving

I love the smell and feeling of Christmas being just around the corner. The sound of sweet christmas carols, the smell and aromas of mixed Indonesian and Western cooking, the excitement of receiving gifts and the joy of giving, all the christmas wrapping torn to shreds and freely scattered hiding any glimpse of the floor we stood upon.  Christmas is truly a season of peace, love and joy shared with beloved friends and family. Below are some pictures from Christmas last year, 2011.

Down here in the land of Oz, we celebrate Christmas during summer. I remember each year with the heat of the sun scorching outside as we would journey to the christmas service at church in the morning and then journey back home to prepare for the grand feast traditionally set by my grandmother, parents, aunts & uncles.

With years fluttering past, a change of heart grows in me as Christmas nears each year. The closer I know Jesus, the more special and intimate the celebration of the season becomes for me.

How wonderful is God's gift and how marvelous is God's grace. Each year, I grow fonder and approach the season with more heart and deeper meaning than the year before. I am thankful for the true meaning of Christmas and more importantly, the gift of Jesus.

I have a new goal. With the spirit of giving and the joy in my heart, memories came of a program I had heard about through the LifeToday program. It's called Water for Life, where you can donate finance to provide a community in the less fortunate parts of the world, with clean water. I mentioned the program to my fiance Alby and as we discussed the program I felt an urgency and opened up the opportunity to work towards providing a well for a community in need. So with the goal in mind for 2013-2014, even whilst trying to finance a wedding! I'll be praying and believing for God's provision to help give. Will be keeping you updated throughout the blog journey!

The link below will introduce you to the program if you would like to find out more:

So on that note, let's prepare our hearts for the season of giving and also, to receive the more important gift of all, Jesus.

samijo xoxox