The year ahead

Wow! 2013 has come by so quickly, it's almost been a year since I begun my blog. Im hoping to make even more friends than I did last year through Keeper of Hearts so if you've stumbled across to my blog for whatever reason, let's be friends :)

Along with a new year continues the vision for the blog or the ministry that I hope for it to become and flourish into. Surrendering all this year, I'm believing for God to do new things through Keeper of Hearts and to reach more girls this year. Strategy, planning & praying have been my focus lately on to what I know Keeper of Hearts can become and mean to girls who need it most.

I'm a mixed bag filled with excitement, joy, peace and uncertainty of what this year may hold.

Keeper of Hearts is currently under a deconstruction and reconstruction phase. This year I want to theme Keeper of Hearts around 'Being the best you.' We're all unique and were created to be one of a kind and as I go through my journey of self discovery and growth in this area, I want to share with you how you can also grow and become the best you, that only you can ever be.

This year I began reading 'The Confident Woman,' by Joyce Meyer. At the moment, I am currently reading through a study on the Proverbs 31 woman within the book which is really challenging and covers a lot of issues that I have faced and would like to share with you.

So to the owner of the eyes reading this page, I love you and I hope my blog can help you in anyway possible, big or small.

Catcha !

Samantha xoxox