Sunday Rituals

Ahhh enjoying the last day of the weekend with our usual sunday lunch at the Baron. It's our "go to" place on weekends.

As daylight savings comes to an end or beginning (not entirely sure - it confuses me too much) it's time for our regular 9am sunday service.

Soon, it will be time for groceries, more family qt and preparing ourselves for the new working week upon us.

So how will you prepare yourself this week? What are you carrying from the week now past? Whatever this week will bring you, I pray that you would be reminded of God's strength and that His joy will overshadow you no matter the circumstances and what the world throws at you. Jesus promises that He will be with us to the very end of age and I pray that you would know that this week.

Matthew 28:30
"..And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age."

Happy Sunday!
God Bless